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Why Choose Us?

High Picture Resolution​

With high picture resolution features, Estech will give you easier way to understand our content.

Faster Stream Download​

Estech provides you a new experience with faster access and download the high quality content.

Simple and Friendly User Interface

Gets more job done quickly with simple and friendly user interface.

PC anytime

You can change PC anytime and anywhere as you wish

Choose the plan that’s right for you.

An introduction to the plans you offer and the differences between them

Single PC

$ 4
/1 month
  • Bind to 1 PC
  • 1 Month unlimited views
  • 50 views per hour

Single PC

$ 8
/3 month
  • Bind to 1 PC
  • 3 Month unlimited views
  • 50 views per hour

Single PC

$ 15
/6 month
  • Bind to 1 PC
  • 6 Month unlimited views
  • 50 views per hour

Single PC

$ 25
/12 month
  • Bind to 1 PC
  • 12 Month unlimited views
  • 100 views per hour

Double PC

$ 42
/12 month
  • Bind to Multiple PC (2PCs max)
  • 12 Month unlimited views
  • 100 views per hour

Our Features

Our Agents Who Support Us

About Us

ESTECH Schematics is Hardware Repair Guide Platform providing PCB Bitmap, Schematic and Guideline Solutions for Smartphone, Laptop and so on. Our newest product is called Orion, crafted with years of experience in Smartphone Repair and previous product experience, we brings new experience to user with more easy to use and more user friendly interface.


Yes you can change pc anytime you want, just click “unbind PC” when you login.

You can request specific model to our team support. we will complete your request as long as resources are available.

Our team support are available for 24 hours and 7 days to support any problems.

Minimum requirements is windows 10 above.

You can buy the activation from :

  • Reseller (you can find reseller list in the sales menu in this website)

  • Buy directly from us (please contact our team support or sales)

  • from our ecommerce website (

Local Payment :

  • All Bank transfer
  • gopay, OVO, Dana, akulaku, kredivo, shopepay
  • QRIS barcode

International Payment :

  • Paypal
  • Usdt binance (TRC20)

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