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A schematic diagram or circuit diagram, is the standard way of describing the components and connections in an electronic circuit. it uses iconic symbols to represent components, with lines representing the connections between the components. Auto find to dual viewer or dual monitors viewer.


A vector graphic image, however, is designed to be quickly rescaled. Typically, an image is created using vector graphics and then, when the artist is satisfied with the image, it is converted to (or saved as) a raster graphic file or bit map. ESTECH is providing almost all smartphone models of bitmap. Its path of tracking feature, based on PCB layout.


Path tracking feature, based on PCB layout with multilayer

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ESTECH is an application which provides various variants of programs that suite every cell phone technician needs, Having an initial product Schematics, currently ESTECH innovation has given birth to every smartphone’s engineer to give more solution and take more experiences in their business field.

Along with the development of the times and the increasing need for software.

This answer gave birth to ESTECH Schematics system to perfecting schematics products that are currently on the market with easier access, faster content download and smaller memory consumption .

With ESTECH Schematics smartphone’s engineer able to analyze every defection and without any ruin another parts, so hopefully there will be no more smartphone’s engineer fix it by trial method or based on experience.

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